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Regeneration is essential to all dimensions of life.

We have to understand regeneration holistically and integrate the social, economic, political, institutional and ecological dimensions. Thinking and acting in a regenerative way will allow us to move towards a healthier relationship with ourselves and nature.

Here we Compartir some key concepts that will allow you to explore the different forms of regeneration.

We invite you to watch the following knowledge capsules to continue nourishing your regenerative consciousness.

What do we mean by regeneration?

Regeneration comes from the Latin “regenerare”, which means bringing life back to places where it has been lost. Learn Más here!

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What do we mean by regenerative communities?

Associate, collaborate, create networks and join coalitions. Communities are the foundation that life needs to thrive. Learn Más here!

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What is regenerative agriculture?

It is possible to produce food by giving back Más to nature than what we take from it. Regenerative agriculture is one way to achieve this. Learn Más here!

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What is regenerative economics?

Learn about five basic principles in the transition to a regenerative economy. We can flourish together abundantly and equally. Learn Más here!

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